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Mr. Spencer's Cats

Update: July, 2018:

Mr. Spencer's 10 cats are happily established in their custom built cat cottage. They will remain in our care for the rest of their lives. We thank you for any donations you're willing to make to help with Kata and her feline family's expenses. Paypal:

** Update May 29, 2018:

Finally, Mr. Richard Spencer will have a funeral.

When: Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Where: Cemetery of the Evergreens, 382 Cemetery Rd, New Lebanon, NY 12125

Mr. Spencer will receive a military send off, a fitting celebration of life two days after we honored our service members on Memorial Day. His mother's priest will also be in attendance.

Anyone who has been following this sad story and would like to attend is welcome to join us. Mr. Spencer's friend, David, has made arrangements for flowers and suggested that any donations in Mr. Spencer's memory go to his 10 beloved cats in the care of Little Brook Farm. Mr. Spencer had expressed his hope that the cats could all live out there lives together and, through the generosity of many of you who followed his story, his wishes are being honored. The cats now have their own cat cottage at Little Brook Farm, and we are certain he would be pleased.

On behalf of Mr. Spencer and his 10 cats, thank you for your support.

100% of any donations made in honor of Mr. Spencer will be put toward the care of the cats.

For a video of the interior of the cat cottage, please visit our Facebook page

Here is the original story...

In November of 2017, because of his failing health, this veteran finally reached out to some local women for help with his 10 beautiful, but older cats, worried about what would become of them without him. He insisted there were 10 although we all never saw more than four. The cats only knew him. He almost never had guests, so the cats hid (really, really well) except for Kata. He ultimately fell, called 911 and passed away in the hospital on New Year's Eve at the age of 91 - and is STILL there. He had no family and one friend.

The women who became involved in November then asked me to help with the cats. We've been trying to have this veteran buried but we don't have the authority. It's all a sad, sad state of affairs. At this point, the basement flooded and furnace shut down. We turned the furnace off to prevent a fire, as well as the water so the pipes wouldn't burst. We have an electric heater for the cats but it's a matter of time before the electric company figures out he can't pay the bill and that'll also be shut off. So, I've begun trapping his cats. There are no doors on rooms and holes around pipes so the cats have been hiding in the walls when any of us come in. I now have - or have seen - 9 so far, 5 who were mystery cats until this week. There are 8 in giant cages in the middle of my house which is no fun for any of us. I had wanted to purchase another cat cottage and set it up first before taking them, but the conditions in the home have sped up our plans.

I can have a cat cottage built and delivered in 10 days for $2,900 and am asking for assistance. Nobody seems to be able to get this veteran buried but we can do this for his cats. He knew they were unadoptable and asked if I could keep them together; any shelter able to have caught them, would have euthanized them, including sweet, 11 yr. old Kata because of the cat's age and history. Our cat cottage was built with feral cats in mind. The out-of-doors is particularly hard on senior cats and I wanted to create a safe, comfortable environment for them knowing that indoor homes would not be a realistic option. Our building is insulated, heated (or air conditioned) and everyone is given canned food daily with dry available, 24/7. They have the choice to go outside in a fully enclosed, fenced yard. This veteran had hoped his cats could stay together, had communicated his wishes to five of us, and had included his wishes in his will.

We'll name the cat cottage for him so he'll be remembered. A wonderful woman donated $500 and I have a generous person who has just offered to match $1,000! The location of the cottage has to be prepared and the cottage will need electricity, insulation, heaters and a fenced yard, and the building itself is $2900.

He was a veteran who lived alone, loved his cats and we're committed to providing a lifetime of care for them/him.

Thank you.

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